My Testimony


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In November 1990 my Dad invited me along to a Church meeting where the Youth Group were doing a play. The meeting was of course at their local Church, Beth Shan Pentecostal in Warrington.

I went along just to please them really. The play acted out by the Youth Group was all about forgiving and forgetting. During this time and what they were reading out
and sharing I really felt like I wanted to cry, really sob and break down. I know now it was the Holy Spirit touching me with His presence. I could remember all the hurt I had felt when my Parents divorced, when I felt alone and confused and I realised that I had to now, even late in the day, forgive them both and to let go of the hurt which was without my knowing it suffocating me. I had always felt that it was my fault for them breaking up. I didn’t really get along with my Sister in those days and I felt that that had played a part.

At the end of the Youth Groups play we had a service. I was amazed at how these people participated in praise and worship – nothing I had experienced in my old
Church. They were alive with fire for Jesus! As an “outsider” looking in, I actually felt embarrassed at first I wasn’t used to this and to see my Dad dancing, singing and praising on top of it all, I thought he was on drugs or something he was so high! My Dad always did love singing but now he was singing, waving his arms and speaking some funny kind of language – I sadly even had to stifle a laugh! But as the praise and worship progressed I again felt what I had felt as a child, a presence warm and comforting and I believed it was from God. I wanted now to know more.

At the end of the service the Pastor, Tina, asked if anyone needed prayer or if anyone had felt to know Jesus more and if so to step forward.

My Salvation

It was then I heard a voice urging me to go up. I looked around but didn’t see anyone actually looking at me in fact they all had their heads bowed and were praying. I sat back on my chair but again the voice kept on at me to go forward and I actually felt like someone was pushing me to get up. I remember actually gripping my chair until my knuckles were white – I wasn’t going to go up as I didn’t want anyone to laugh at me. But the funny thing was deep down I did want to go. I wanted Jesus but I felt ashamed and embarrassed I was a sinner and not good enough for Him.

Unfortunately the moment passed by and the service was brought to a close. We
were all invited for tea and refreshments and fellowship and I felt I wanted to sit and
cry but didn’t understand why so I had a chat with my Dad about the meeting and actually ended up breaking down I just couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. He asked me what was wrong and I told him I wanted Jesus right there and then.

He called the Pastor over and she came and prayed with me. It was at this point that
I prayed the prayer of salvation and asked Jesus into my life as my Lord and Saviour
and for his forgiveness through His blood for my sins. Jesus was mine at last and
what a feeling came over me, warm love running through me and a total release
from all the pain, suffering and condemnation of my past life.

Jesus in my life today

No one ever said that the walk with my heavenly Father was going to be easy and
there have been times when things have really been trying. I didn’t realise how bad I
needed Jesus in my life until I reached the age of 30 years of age. I had my 30th
Birthday in December 1998 and in the April of 1999 I went out with my Mum and
Step Father for a family dinner dance. I had been very ill that day so I stayed over at
my Mum’s and Dad’s as she was living then in Southport and I was in Stoke. I woke
up the following morning and was very ill in fact I went to Southport Hospital I felt that
bad. They checked me over and said I had an ear infection and to go to my GP’s
when I returned home. How I drove home I don’t know I was so bad.

I came home and went to see my own GP as I had been told to do. The illness
never really went away. I started suffering severe headaches like I had never
experienced before. It felt as though someone was constantly hitting me over the
head with a hammer! The pain was excruciating and was always there no matter
how many tablets I took! I went on a few occasions to the emergency GP but he said
I had a deep ear infection and to keep taking the tablets.

The problem still persisted. One morning in the May 1999 I woke up and found I had
double vision – my left eye had turned in so I went to see my GP taking a taxi to get
there; (there was no way I could drive and he sent me straight up to my opticians).
They couldn’t really see anything although one of the Opticians did say he saw a
shadow behind my left eye. I was then referred to the eye clinic at my local hospital
North Staffs so they could investigate the “shadow” further but they could see
anything more either.

Weeks went by and I still had the permanent headaches and double vision and then
I began to be sick. I was violently sick one weekend and had to call the emergency
Doctor out. He gave me tablets to stop the sickness and told me to drink plenty of
fluids to avoid de-hydration. Unfortunately the tablets did not work and so he
decided I was to be sent to Hospital for a CT scan, an MRI scan and further
investigations. Both scans came back clear and then finally the Doctors felt a lumbar
puncture was required as they just couldn’t find the cause of my problems given the

I was given a local anaesthetic by the Doctor who then performed the lumbar
puncture and I was told I had to stay very still. How they expect you to stay still
when they are about to put what appeared to me to be a 6 inch needle right into your
spine is beyond my understanding!

Unfortunately during the procedure the Doctor accidently touched my spine with the
needle. Obviously my body reacted by bolting straight out – I nearly jumped off the
bed!!! The Doctor just asked me to relax and to be extremely still as she had nearly
finished but I was sweating that much I just couldn’t cope with the pain!!! The Doctor
finished having taken the fluids she required to carry out further tests.

The problem is when a lumbar puncture is performed and the spine is affected like
my procedure, you need to stay in hospital then for observations until the anaesthetic
wears off.

I felt so ill and when the anaesthetic did wear off I couldn’t move my neck – I felt my
head had fallen into my body and my neck had been taken away!

I was discharged home the next day which was a Friday. I can remember not being
able to walk properly, and I still couldn’t move my neck. I was waiting for my lift
outside the hospital when I was violently sick again. A nurse saw me and I explained
to her what I had been going through and what I had just had performed. She said
that I was to go home, get into bed and drink plenty of fluids to re-hydrate my body
so I did just that.

I was still being constantly sick and again the Doctor was called out and he gave me
more tablets to stop the sickness. By the Sunday I was in a right mess. I couldn’t
get out of bed or even get a drink. I was not able to go to work at this time due to my
illness and had in fact been off work several months with the headaches, sickness
and hospital visits.

My friend came back from work and looked in on me. He said I was fine, asleep as
always!! He had prepared for me sandwiches that morning and had brought me in a
drink but they were still there at my bedside. He made himself some dinner and then
decided to go to bed himself but for some unknown reason he also felt to look in on
me again.

That was when he found me. I had obviously tried to get out of bed to get to him to
tell him something either I was so bad or being sick I don’t know and can’t
remember. He found me hanging over the side of the bed and when he picked me
up I was sound asleep in fact my eyes had rolled up and he couldn’t wake me up.He rang the ambulance and they came immediately and rushed me to North Staffs
Hospital. They sent me on arrival down for a full body CT scan and MRI scan and
that was when they found it.

I had one large blood clot over my brain and a series of smaller clots to the back of
my head and neck. These were causing pressure on my brain and thus were
causing my body and system to shut down. I was now in a coma and taken to
intensive care and my Parents were all called. They were advised by my Consultant
that I had a 25% chance of survival and if I did survive they did not know what
brain damage I would have due to the seriousness and the clots
. They had put me
on heparin to try to reduce the swellings which due to the size and the fact the big
clot was bleeding out they could not operate on.

My Dad and Step Mother as I have shared with you are Christians. He told the
Doctors that I would not die I would live but the Doctors were not convinced. My Dad
and Step Mother left the Hospital and went home and he rang all his Christian
friends worldwide pleading with them to pray for me because he had faith. Prayers
were therefore offered up for me as far away as the Philippines!!!

I was in a coma for 3 weeks. I had lost weight as I was being fed by tubes and I was
put on heparin as I have said to reduce the swellings. The Doctors had told my Mum
and Step Father to contact a Priest as they didn’t expect me to survive and I was
given last rights.

As you can see I have survived. I am therefore sharing with you today my testimony
because the fact I am here is a miracle – even the Doctors can’t believe it after what
I went through and how serious my clots were. They have kept my records as a
future guidance to them so they can help people who have similar symptoms like
mine. The main point is however that it was not really them that saved me but my
Saviour Jesus. In the Doctors opinion and due to the seriousness of my illness I
should have died but Jesus answered all those prayers because He felt I was worth
saving and because the people who were praying for me believed in Him.

Jesus is back in my life now – to stay!!! I won’t let Him go, he is there always to pick
me up and put me on my feet again and He is a gracious and loving friend.

I trust through my testimony I can show you the power of prayer and the reality that
through prayer and Him miracles still happen, even today. If it was not for Him I
would definitely not be here today and for that I am truly grateful.

God bless you all.